CJ the QB is one of the best 5th Grade QBs in the Country

National 7v7 has been attending tournaments across the country including Florida, Texas, Seattle, California, and Tennessee just to name a few states.  Our team of youth scouts have identified a special 5th grade quarterback near Atlanta, Georgia  in the G7 Passing League.  CJ Franklin a.k.a. CJ the QB plays 7v7 and tackle in the Grayson Youth Football Program.  Although the quarterback position is probably the hardest position to project, CJ has the motivation, work ethic and desire to play the position that is rare for a 5th grader.

CJ’s story is much deeper than football.  Normally young talented quarterbacks start with playing catch in the backyard.  CJ’s path to become one of the top rated 5th grade quarterbacks has been fueled by his single mom, Chiara Amos.  Chiara wanted to involve CJ in sports at an early age so she signed CJ up for wrestling, football and baseball just to name a few.  It was not long before CJ fell in love with football and wanted to play football more than any other sport.  CJ started out playing a variety of positions including center, running back, and defensive end. CJ was an outstanding player at every position that he played.

The Decision to Play Quarterback
Chiara said that CJ the QB all of sudden (two years ago) told her that he really wanted to play QB. Chiara took CJ in the backyard and said, “Although I was a mom, I knew his arm strength and accuracy was not normal for a kid his age.”  Since CJ never played quarterback, most coaches told him to stick with defensive end.   All the coaches that told CJ that he could not play quarterback did not discourage CJ or his mom. Chiara decided to get CJ private training that in just a short two years has lead to CJ being identified as one the top youth 5th grade quarterbacks in the country.

The Dedication To Succeed
CJ’s dedication to train and prepare is also uncommon for a kid his age. Although he is an excellent student, CJ normally has to do his homework in the car on the drive to training while mom (Chiara) fights the busy afternoon Atlanta traffic.  CJ is constantly with his football.  You can see from his game film below that all the hardwork and preparation shows up on the field.

What’s Next for CJ
CJ will be playing this Saturday in the G7 Passing League. The G7 Passing League is one of the premier youth passing league in the Atlanta area. The talent level at G7 is deep and is one of the most competitive environments in the country. If you want to develop your passing game, G7 is a great choice for youth football players. We also hope to see CJ’s Grayson team in the upcoming National 7v7 Atlanta Qualifier on May 19th. The Atlanta Qualifier will feature some of the top 7v7 teams in the Southeast including teams Alabama, Tennessee and New York.

You can follow CJ by clicking the “Follow” and “Friend” button on his CJ the QB Football Profile.

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