Kamari Ramsey – California Top Prospect

Kamari Ramsey
2022 – Athlete
Sierra Canyon High
Team Formula 4 Speed
Palmdale, California
Kamari Ramsey has been identified as a National 7v7 Top Prospect at the 2018 Proway 7v7 Shootout in Las Angeles, California.  Ramsey is a  2022 athlete that plays for Team Formula 4 Speed in Southern California.  Ramsey will attend Sierra Canyon High School and has  good size great hands and unteachable Ball Hawking Skills.  He reminds me of  young Calvin Johnson.  Kamari Ramsey is the son of Stacy Ramsey who works with son on a daily basis helping him train and sharpen his skills. The kid is a straight up baller and a prime time player out of California.
Check out Kamari Ramsey and follow his profile to stay updated on Ramsey’s development.

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